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Sub-Assembly at Optimas Components

Our Sub-Assembly service removes time consuming processes from your in-house purchasing and manufacturing divisions.

What is sub-assembly?

By providing the individual components and assembling them into one single part, with one part number, our customers are realising that their multi-part ordering, monitoring, assembly and secondary production processes can be significantly reduced.

All Sub-Assembly work is performed in our dedicated assembly area, by staff trained on each specific project. This ensures a controlled assembly environment that delivers a high quality end product.

What are examples of sub-assembly?

 Sub-Assembly projects can range in size and complexity. Recent examples include:

 A full enclosure assembly build incorporating terminal blocks, cable glands, vent plugs, custom enclosure machining and label fitting

 A panel mount fuse supplied complete with fuse pre-installed;

 Fitting of a self-adhesive neoprene gasket to the back of an injection moulded ABS protective cover for the construction industry, both parts internally designed

What are the benefits of sub-assembly?

 Reduce your Bill of Materials – only purchase one complete part

 Remove any secondary processes; receive parts built to your specification

 Save time on assembly and labour, simply pick and fit the complete article

 Need assistance with parts specification or assembly drawings? Our Commercial and Technical teams can help every step of the way

If you'd like to find out more about our sub-assembly service and how Optimas can save you time and money, please contact us via any of the following:

Telephone: 01452 880500

Email: sales@optimas.com