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Non-Catalogue Parts Sourcing

Our Non-Catalogue Parts Sourcing service exists to find you the parts you need to keep your production lines flowing.

The 14,000+ standard parts you see in our catalogue are only an indication of what we can supply. Through our global supply chain network we have access to literally thousands of component manufacturers who produce a huge range of plastic and metal parts. Their capabilities include: injection moulding, extrusion, compression moulding, dip moulding, vacuum forming, stamping, pressing and machining.

Through this network we have access to an infinite number of product lines. So if the exact part to suit your requirements doesn’t exist in our catalogue, our dedicated team of global sourcing specialists will be able to find it for you. From a one-off to any volume required to suit your manufacturing needs, our team will know which companies to contact.

  • Reduce the number of vendors you have to deal with
  • Provide us with your BoM and our specialist sourcing team will do the research for you at our expense
  • Reduce costs by outsourcing your supply chain requirements
  • Take advantage of our truly global footprint and extensive manufacturing supply partners
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If you'd like to find out how our Non-Catalogue Parts Sourcing service could reduce your parts sourcing costs, please get in touch.