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Introducing Optimas

Introducing Optimas

Anixter Component Solutions is now Optimas Solutions Ltd - Components Division. No longer a part of Anixter International Inc., Optimas is a standalone, independent organisation owned by American Industrial Partners (AIP).

The Components Division of Optimas will continue to specialise in the supply of ‘C’-class components, and sub-assembly and kitting services.

Being an independent company will give us greater flexibility and will allow us and our owners to focus on providing our customers with an even better service. 

American Industrial Partners (AIP) is a private equity firm, founded in 1989, investing in North American based industrial businesses serving domestic and global markets and currently manages more than US$1.1 billion in equity capital.

Why Optimas?

Our name, Optimas Solutions, has been selected because Optimas is Latin for "of the best," which is what we aspire to be as a company. It's also the root of the English word, ‘optimum’, which simply means "establishing the right conditions for growth and success."

It perfectly describes what we aim to achieve in collaboration with our customers, supply partners and team members: provide them the best avenue for growth and success, so we, too, can grow and succeed with them.

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