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Have You Ever Considered Security Fasteners?
Security Fasteners from Optimas - Protect Against; Vandalism, Tampering and Theft

In the modern world there is an ever increasing need to review the safety and security of the environments where we live, work and enjoy. This extends to the infrastructure and products used in these areas, both personal equipment and public facilities.

Fasteners and fixings are often not the first thought of designers and engineers when they are creating the next generation of products, public hubs or play equipment but the use of specialist security fasteners such as the range now on offer from Optimas Components should be. These fasteners could protect those products and people from damage or injury as a result of vandalism, theft or tampering where standard conventional drive fasteners have been removed.

Optimas have partnered with Hafren Security Fasteners to ensure the supply and quality of the screws, bolts and nuts on offer are easily available and of a proven quality with 25 years experience and accreditation to the latest ISO standards.

Why They Work

The range from Optimas contains special headed screws, nuts and bolts which are either permanently fixed, or removable only by using a matching driver tool. This prevents the fasteners being removed using standard conventional tooling, such as slotted, Torx® or cross head drive screw drivers, typically available to the wider public. The specialist tool drives are also available from Optimas upon request.

2 Hole security fastenersHex pin security fastenerClutch head security fastenerKinmar Nut

Typical security fastener being installed:


Typical Applications

From household electronics to public fencing, high end engine assemblies through to medical devices, security fasteners are used through out many assemblies and builds to secure products or equipment that would otherwise be targeted for theft, tampering or vandalism. Some images that demonstrate this are included below, however the use for these safe and secure fasteners extends further and are prominent in the electronics and automotive industries also.

  Fencing and Rails

Hand rail security fastener fence security fastener 

Prison & Custodial Enviroments

Prison security fastener 1  Prison security fastener 2

  Benches & Public Apparatus

Secure seating with security fastener 1  Secure seating with security fastener 2

 Parks, Playgrounds & Play Equipment

Safe to play - play ground fasteners 1  High strength security fastener



The Range

6 Lobe Pin Security Fastener

6 Lobe and Pin Head 

A popular drive type in the security fastener range, designed for high torque applications. Pin feature prevents non-pin 6 Lobe drivers from engaging with the head preventing removal.

  • Available on a variety of screws and barrel nuts
  • Machine screw, Self drilling & self tapping variants
  • Pan, Button, countersunk & raised countersunk head styles
  • A2 stainless steel (self drilling range Case hardened steel with Delta Protekt plating)
To view the range please click here

 Kinmar Nut  

Kinmar® Permanent Nut

The Kinmar Nut is a patented nut that is permanent once installed, there is no tool to remove it. The matching installation tool for this one way nut provides consistent installation torque levels and can be re-torqued. This product has a clean aesthetic.

  • Threads from M5 through to M12
  • Available in A2 stainless steel or case hardened steel with zinc (CR-3) or Geomet® finish
  • Also available as a one way permanent bolt upon request
  • Further finishes available subject to MOQ
  • Removable version and tool available on request.

 To view the range please click here


More Taper Resistant Types Available

2 Hole

2 Hole security fastener

This drive system, sometimes known as Snake Eye® or Pig Nose is designed for low to medium torque applications. It has 2 holes drilled into the head which requires a unique 2-pin matching driver to install and remove it.


Pin Hex

Pin Hex Security Fastener

This drive prevents removal with standard hexagon tools. Suitable for medium torque applications and is one of the most difficult to remove without the matching driver


Clutch Head

Clutch head security fastener

The special ridged design of this drive means that it can only operate in a clockwise motion. Installed using standard slotted screwdriver - no specialist tools required.



Tri-head security fastener

This quick and easy to install security fastener is a favorite for applications in recess or channel due to its tall head design.



Shear Bolt

Shear Bolt security fastener

Shear Bolts have a hexagon part which shears off at a predetermined torque. Installed using standard hex socket or spanner. Once installed, the Shear Bolt leaves a tamper resistant head.


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