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Three things to consider with Heyco® products

Product Insight Series - Heyco

Choosing moulded cable management and protection products can be challenging because the process calls for precision. Identifying the right supplier as your partner can dramatically affect lead times and final production. Heyco is one of the top manufacturers of high quality moulded cable management products. Heyco leverages their years of experience to produce high quality products while partnering with key distributors to get their products to market in a timely and effective fashion. With so many options of where to purchase what products and from whom, here are some things to consider when evaluating Heyco:

1.  Quality & Experience

With over 90 years of experience, Heyco Products Inc. offers a rich history in the design and manufacturing of moulded cable management and protection products to meet the challenges of customer requirements. The original creators of the nylon cable strain relief bushing in the 1950s, Heyco has been innovating new products for almost seven decades.

Their unique, in-house ability to offer customers the latest design and prototyping technology along with years of high volume manufacturing experience is Heyco’s way of turning challenging "just-in-time" manufacturing deadlines into production realities. Top product areas include:


2.  Choosing Where to Buy

Aside from looking to get the best value for your investment, here are some other important considerations when looking to purchase Heyco products:

  • Sample offerings: Touching and feeling the product before you commit to buying tons more is ideal. Find a distributor that allows you to sample a product before you buy it.

  • Delivery time: You need to know how many days it would take for you to get your order. If you need your products quickly, ensure your supplier has overnight shipping or other expedited offerings.

  • Discounts: Most suppliers do give discounts if you buy bulk orders, but there are some that offer discounted rates even if you only get the minimum order. Be sure to enquire before you place your order to ensure you are receiving the best possible price

  • Available Inventory: Especially if your need is pressing, be sure to check that your desired product is in stock and available from your chosen distributor before you get too far down the purchasing path.

  • Specialized Product Fulfillment: If you have unique needs, be sure to partner with a distributor who is willing to offer non-standard products.  

  • Shipping Geography: Double check where your supplier will ship to and make sure they cover your geography.

3.  Partnership

For over 50 years, Heyco and Optimas’ partnership has grown, allowing Optimas to be both a preferred partner and a UK distributor of Heyco since 1968. Here’s how you benefit from our relationship:

  • Sample Offerings: Optimas offers FREE samples, so you can touch and feel what you’ll be purchasing before you make the investment.

  • Delivery Time: Optimas offer next day UK delivery on most parts.

  • Discounts: Optimas offers quantity discounts on Heyco products, so be sure to enquire.

  • Available Inventory: Optimas is fully stocked with over 8,000,000 Heyco parts in stock so you can order your product and rest assured there will be no delay in it getting to you.

  • Specialised Product Fulfillment: Optimas goes the extra mile to offer application assistance and can secure and fulfill specialised product requests or non-standard products.

  • Shipping Geography: Optimas ships globally. Just ask.

As a preferred partner of Heyco products, and with more than 22,000,000 Heyco components sold in 2018--almost half of all Optimas customers purchased at least one Heyco product last year.

 “The Heyco product range allows me to offer a wide range of industry standard components on short lead times to our customers. This is supported by an easy to use free of charge sample service.”


Customer Applications Engineer


Optimas is diligent about offering our customers the most reliable, dependable and affordable solutions. Heyco has a solid history in creating quality products. For more information about Heyco’s product range from Optimas click here.