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Low Volume Components on Market-Leading Delivery Times

Thursday 30th May 2019

Takamaz™ XY120 Plus CNC lathe

Optimas Solutions is offering its customers a new method to receive small volume parts with greater expediency than normally possible. This service has been enabled by the installation of a Takamaz™ XY120 Plus CNC lathe, which can quickly turn a range of parts in quantities up to 5000 pieces. This rapid component delivery service will be offered by Optimas’ UK manufacturing arm, Barton, as part of a new worldwide express service, which provides small volume components on greatly reduced lead times to alleviate existing supply pressure on manufacturers.

The service is aimed primarily at the automotive, petrochemical and other pressurized industrial sectors, where securing low volume parts on short lead times is of importance in meeting launch dates, project and development deadlines.



Large Capacity for Number of Tools

Main turret (12 stations) has a middle indexing capability, making it possible to mount tools on the 24-positions. Moreover, with the sub turret, the maximum number of tools becomes 36. This is an extensive number of tooling capable of cutting different types of different amount of workpieces at shorter idle time.


Takamaz™ XY120 Plus CNC lathe


Innovative Short Cycle Time

With the sub spindle for overlap cutting and main and sub spindle simultaneous cutting, the cycle time is significantly reduced.

Takamaz™ XY120 Plus CNC lathe

Achieving Loader Installation

By designing the Y-Axis at 30 degree, the TAKAMAZ compact type loader can be mounted. This is a new automation system innovation. 


Main spindleSub spindle
Chuck size Collet, 6 Collet, 5 inch
Spindle bearing I.D. φ85 (100 Opt.) φ65 mm
Spindle speed Max. 5,000 (4,000 Opt.) Max. 5,000 min-1
Type 12-station turret, 24ST  
Max.stroke X1:150 Y:±35  Z1:330 X2:150 Z2:440 mm
Rapid traverse rate X1:18 Y:12  Z1:24 X2:18 Z2:18 m/min
Spindle motor AC7.5 / 5.5 (AC11 / 7.5Opt.) AC5.5 / 3.7 kW
L × W 2,630 × 1,950 mm
Controller TAKAMAZ & FANUC 0i-TD  

Servo controlled Auto Bar Feeder

High accuracy servo controlled feed length means no need for a length stop allowing for quicker cycle times and concurrent working. This means new bar can be fed into the machine as the machine is still turning the previous component. Bar feed stocker allows for 20 bars at 1.m length to be loaded to the machine and fed without any manual intervention.

Achievable Processes


  • Milling - for creating hexagon heads or more complex features
  • Rotary broaching - for creating internal drive features including Hex-Lobe
  • Screw thread cutting -  both internal and external
  • Left hand threads
  • Multi start threads
  • Taper threads
  • Rolled threads can be offered
  • Washer assembly
  • Off centre drilling
  • Cross hole drilling
  • High pressure through coolant for deep holes
  • Head marking
  • Batch ID marking
  • Exotic materials including plastics
  • Keyway broaching

For enquiries, please contact Zak Tolley, Sales Manager on 01905 77701907747 443848  or zak.tolley@optimas.com