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The HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) industry is another where we have a long history of servicing customers and have a broad knowledge and understanding of the applications. Typically, our customers are involved in the manufactiure, installation, service and/or maintenance of boilers and central heating products; air conditioning units; air handling systems; energy-efficient closed system ventilation; heat pumps and auxillary equipment; system installation and control; thermostatic controls and programmers for domestic and commercial applications.

Optimas Components supply a comprehensive range of HVAC products such as super duty cable clamps, strain relief and snap bushes, hose clamps, self-adhesive and snap-in cable clips, cable ties, twist locks and more.  Find your HVAC products below. 

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Cable Clamps and Clips

Cable clamps and clips are holders that will retain your cables, wires and hoses in a neat position.  We have a wide range of metal and plastic (nylon) clamps and clips which are secured by screws, self-adhesive pads or push into a panel.

Snap Bushings

Snap bushings are used to convert raw/sharp edged hole to smooth, neat, insulated hole to protect wires, cables, tubes and hoses,  The locking fingers snap/push into holes with fingertip pressure.

Cable Glands

Cable glands or liquid-tight fittings are products which attach and secure an electrical cable to another product.  A cable gland seals a cable and secures it to the equipment that it is connected to.  Cable glands are available in different thread types, metric, NPT (national pipe thread) and PG (Panzergewinde thread).  You also have the choice of metal or plastic (nylon), with or without flex protection and different rating of ingress protection (IP).

Hose Clamps

Hose clamps or hose clips are circular bands which can be tightened with a pair of pliers.  Tighteneing the worm gears reduces the diameter of the band causing the clamp/clip to tighten around the hose.  They are available in black or white and made from glass-filled nylon or nylon 66.


Conduit is a type of tubing for tidying, protecting, supporting and managing cables and wires.  Cable conduit is ideal for running electrical wires underground, through walls or when cables need protecting in an area.  Conduits are available in plastic (nylon), PVC, and steel.

Cable Ties

Cable ties, also known as wire ties, zip ties or hose ties are low-cost and have many uses including bundling things together such as cables and wires.  They are generally single-use devices and are cut off rather than loosened and reused.  Choose from stainless steel or plastic.

Flexible Hose

Because of their additional layer of stainless steel braiding, flexible hoses are stronger and more durable than traditional hoses.  Normal hoses can weaken and even split when pressure is applied.  Kinks and crimping are avoided by the braid following the movement of the hose.

Strain Relief Bushings

Strain Relief Bushings securely anchor, insulate and protect cables and wires when mounted onto a split panel.  They protect against pulls, pushes and twists.


Grommets are pieces of rubber or plastic (PVC) which cover an edge and are commonly used in electrical applications such as metal back boxes.  They are used when cables or wire need to pass through a panel and edges need smoothing.


Anaerobic threadlockers are applied to threads of fasteners which cures into a hard thermoset plastic locking the assembly together and preventing unwanted movement, leaking and corrosion.  Threadlockers provide superior reliabiltiy over mechanical locking devices in the assembly of threaded fasteners at a lower overall cost.

Dome Plugs

Dome plugs are blanking plugs used the sheet metal industry to protect against sharp edges and are ideal for closing panel holes temporarily or permanently.  Circular, rectangular and square shapes are available as well as many different sizes.


Feet are used for levelling and supporting.  They come in various different types such as self-adhesive and snap-in bumperfeet and screw-in and push-in adjustment feet.