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Heyco Strain Relief Bushings Dome Plugs Cable Glands Snap Bushings Available From Optimas Components

Founded in 1926, Heyco Products Inc.® offers decades of experience in the design and manufacture of moulded wire protection products and stamped electrical components to meet the challenges of demanding applications. The original creators of the nylon cable strain relief bushing in the 1950s, Heyco have been innovating new products ever since. 

Their unique, in-house ability to offer customers the latest design and prototyping technology along with years of high volume manufacturing experience is their way of turning challenging "just-in-time" manufacturing deadlines into production realities. 

We are proud to have been both a preferred partner and the exclusive UK distributor of Heyco since 1968.

Popular Products

Heyco® Straight-Thru Strain Relief Bushing

Strain Relief Bushings

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Flex Protecting

RDD Lockit™ Flex Protecting


RDD Lockit™ Pre-Assembly

RDD Lockit™ Right-Angle for flat cables

RDD Lockit™ Right-Angle for round cables

Lockit™ Pre-Assembly


AB1 Adjustable

Lockit™ for U Shape Chassis Slot

Bell Mouth


Lockit™ Pre-Assembly Equipment

RDD Lockit™ Pre-Assembly Equipment

Dome Plugs

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Heyco® Dome Plug


Halogen Free




Knock-Out Seals

Double D



Shorty Window

Extra Dome

Sheet Metal

Liquid Tight Break-Thru

Domed Head



Heyco-molded® Liquid Tight Break-Thru Plug

Cable Glands

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Heyco-Tite Straight-Thru Cordgrip

Heyco Original Series 35 Cordgrip

Heyco Original Series 35 Pigtail® Cordgrip

Heyco-molded® Break-Thru


Heyco-Tite Snap-In-2 Straight-Thru Flex Protect

Heyco-Tite Snap-In-2 Straight-Thru Hub

HEYClean™ Threaded Vent Plug

Heyco Nylon Locknut

Snap Bushings

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Heyco® Snap Bushing


Universal Snap


Universal Shorty

Open / Closed


Double Insulated


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Optimas Components carries a vast range of Heyco products and have access to their entire product portfolio.  If you can't find what you're looking for, please contact us on 01452 880500 or complete our Product Sourcing form.

Free samples of all Heyco products are available for evaluation purposes.