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Bespoke Parts Design & Manufacture at Optimas Components

Although we have access to an infinite number of standard and non-standard products through our global supplier network, we understand that sometimes an off-the-shelf option does not exist or your preference might be to have a completely bespoke part designed and developed to suit your precise needs.

Providing a fresh, creative approach to overcoming cable management and fastening challenges, projects undertaken by our Bespoke Parts Design and Manufacture service range from an adaptation of an existing part through to a complete unique solution designed and developed specifically for you.

We can take your brief of an idea or a product requirement and manage the project right through to delivery of the final parts. The whole process is controlled by our ISO 9001:2008 quality systems.

Plus, by using advanced processes, such as Selective Laser Sintering, Direct Metal Laser Sintering or Stereolithography, you can have your new part in just a few days.

What are the benefits of Bespoke Parts Design and Manufacturing?

 Fresh, creative approach to overcoming cable management and fastening challenges

 A unique solution developed to suit your exact needs

 Reduces your labour-intensive assembly tasks

 Typically increases the strength and reliability of our customers’ end products

 Our advanced processes can produce your new part in just a few days

If you'd like to find out more about our bespoke parts design and manufacture service and how Optimas can save you time and money, please contact us via any of the following:

Telephone: 01452 880500

Email: sales@optimas.com