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Automotive & Transport


We supply into various customer applications within the automotive industry, including: sub tier automotive manufacturers; seating; power train; radiators; aftermarket upgrades; disability car conversions; high end performance brands. We also supply to customers within the rail (infrastructure underground and rolling stock); motorcycle; traffic signaling and dock side industries. Our most popular products to these customers are:

Automotive sector customers regularly use our Bespoke Parts Design and Manufacture service. Offering a fresh and creative approach to overcoming the cable management and fastening challenges regularly faced by automotive manufacturers, we are able to adapt an existing part or design and develop a brand new one. By combining injection moulding, over moulding and RIM moulding (commonly including products such as switched handles, protection shrouds, snap on soft touch ball knobs, and bespoke spring moulding clips) with the latest 3D printing processes you can have your new part in just a few days. The whole process is controlled by our ISO 9001:2008 quality systems.
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