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Braided Sleeving Solutions
Established in 1965, Techflex is today the USA's industry leader in the design and manufacture of high quality expandable braided sleeving solutions.

With products for low cost entry-level, electrical shielding and grounding to ultra high temperatures, Techflex is the ideal solution for bundling and protecting your wires, hoses and cables in electronics, wire harness, power systems, automotive, white goods, medical and lighting applications.

Techflex products represent the ultimate in abrasion and cut resistant cable protection. They are easily installed (able to go over connectors up to 3 times the size of the finished harness); provide ultra high flexibility (can be tightly coiled and curved around obstructions); are light weight and are available in multiple sizes and colours. 
Techflex Range
FLEXO PET (PTN) low cost entry level
FLEXO CLEAN CUT (CCP) scissor cut
FLEXO F6 (F6N) wrappable split
FLEXO TINNED COPPER METAL BRAID (MBN) for electrical shielding and grounding
INSULTHERM TRU-FIT (FGL) for ultra high temperatures

What Optimas Can Supply
We carry a large stock of the above Techflex product ranges, with free samples avaialble for evaluation purposes.
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