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Warehouse Factory Shelving Protection Guards Mezzanine Floor


Topstore Louvred Panel Trolleys

Small Parts Storage


Topstore Containers / Bins

Topstore Wall-Mounted & Free-Standing Louvred Panels, Cabinets & Accessories

Modular Wall Panels & Accessories

Pegboard & Accessories

Multi-Stor Wall Rails, Wall Storage & Fittings

BinFlag & SpinFlag Stock Indicators

TwinBin Racking & Accessories

Topdrawer Cabinets

Steel Bin & Drawer Cabinets

Assortment Cases

Multi-Drawer Cabinets

Euro Container Carts, Trolleys, Dollies & Containers

Storage / Shelving Equipment

Longspan Shelving - Euro Container Kits

Topshelf - Wall Mounted Shelving

Modular Plastic Shelving

Eco-Rax Shelving & Complete Container Kits

Toprax - Bolt Free Adjustable Shelving

Toprax - Garment Handing

Toprax - Longspan Bay Shelving

Chrome Shelving

Plastic Plus Shelving

Longspan Shelving & Complete Container Kits

IKON Shelving

Kinetic Mobile Shelving Bases

Bar & Sheet Racks


Express Lockers Light Grey Blue Doors

Lockers / Cloakroom / Canteen Furniture


Plastic Lockers

Express Lockers

Standard Lockers

Multi-Compartment Lockers

Charging Lockers & Personal Effects Lockers

Laptop Lockers & Trolleys

Laptop Charging Lockers

Cloakroom Equipment

Canteen Furniture

Wire Mesh Lockers


Security, Fire & Safe Storage

  External Petroleum Store

Key Security, Security & Fire Protection Safes

Secure Door Cabinets & Cupboards

Hazardous, Acid & Pesticide Substance Cabinets

Flammable & Chemical Storage

Gas Cylinder Storage

External Drum & Petroleum Stores

Galvanised Store

One Hour Fire Rated Safety Store


Secure Static and Mobile Cage

Materials Handling Equipment


Sack Trucks, Platform Trucks & Trolleys

Chair & Table Trolleys, Dollies & Trucks

Flatbed & Platform Trucks & Trolleys

Tray Trolleys

System Flow Trolleys

Book Trolleys

Firmloading & Balance Trolleys

Bulk Load Trolleys

Mobile Storage Shelving

Pallet Retention Units

Collapsible & Roll Cages

Laundry & Linen Trolleys

Bottle Skips & Mobile Tapered Trucks


Pallet Trucks

Work Positioners & Stackers & Lift Tables

Cylinder & Drum Handling


Steps / Access Equipment

  2 3 4 Tilt & Pull Steps

Kick Steps & Static Safety Steps

Wheelalong Steps

Warehouse Steps

Easy-Rise Steps 

Step Tray Trolleys

Combination & Extension Ladders

Telescopic Ladders & Towers

Platform & Swingback Steps



Premium Height Adjustable Workbench



Square Tube Workbenches

Cantilever Workbenches

Height Adjustable Workbenches

Tuff Workbenches

Heady Duty Workbenches

Medium Duty Workbenches

Mobile Workbenches

Euroslide Workbenches, Cabinets & Mobile Cabinets

Team Leader Workstations


Warehouse / Safety / Site Management

Mezzanine Floor Guarding Systems

Mezzanine Floors & Guarding Systems

Shelving Systems

Adjustable Pallet Racking

Cantilever Racking

Titan, Elan & Sigma Partitions

Caelum Mesh Wall System

GUARDA Chain Posts

Safety Barriers

Protection Guards & Heavy Duty Bollards

Pallet Racking Protectors

TRAFFIC-LINE Belt Barriers, Belt Posts & Cartridges

TRAFFIC-LINE Cable/Hose Protection & Speed Reduction Ramps


TRAFFIC-LINE Bicycle Racks

Cycle Shelters


Our range of Storage Solutions is perfect for all of your component and storage needs.

Optimas’ Components Division has long offered a huge variety of parts, from fasteners to cable management solutions. Our range of professional quality storage and material handling solutions is the perfect accompaniment to our range of components, helping you to keep busy workstations and facilities tidy. 

We can offer an answer for all your storage needs. Our range of plastic bin systems are perfect for storing a variety of small parts and are designed to cater for a wide range of applications and materials. For larger scale storage, be sure to check out our range of light, medium and heavy-duty shelving equipment.

We also offer warehouse, safety and site management solutions which include raised mezzanine floorspallet racking and partitioning to help complete a secure storage and safety zone. To facilitate all these storage solutions, we can also provide you with steps and access solutions as well as materials handling equipment, such as trolleys and drum-handling products.


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