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 Enclosures & Potting Compounds 


ARCA Enclosures 1000 Series  2000 Series 
ARCA IEC Electrical Cabinets 1000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX MNX)  2000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX SOLID) 


 3000 Series 4000 Series  5000 Series
 3000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX EURONORD)  4000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX PICCOLO) 5000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX TEMPO)


6000 Series  7000 Series  Inspection Windows
 6000 Series Enclosures (FIBOX CAB)  7000 Series (FIBOX EURONORD ALN) Inspection Windows


DIN Rail Enclosures  Cable Tidy Enclosures  Potting Compounds 
 DIN Rail Enclosures  Cable Tidy Enclosures  Potting Compounds


 BOCUBE Enclosures    
 BOCUBE Screwless and Hinged Enclosures  Euromas Polymas Enclosures with Moulded on Glands  


Our selection of Enclosure and Potting Compound products at competitive prices