News - 2018


   Chainsaw Safety Gloves  

Optimas Glove Workshop




Monday 17th December 2018











   Safety Footwear - The Standards and Ratings Explained

Safety Footwear - The Standards and Ratings Explained


Wednesday 24th October 2018




  Protect Your Eyes

Protect Your Eyes


Tuesday 2nd October 2018










New Product Range Launched - Workwear & PPE

New Product Ranges Launched Workwear and PPE


Tuesday 14th August 2018







  Optimas Mercedes Truck

Optimas Retains VDA 6.2 Accreditation To Assure Quality Of Automotive Supply


Tuesday 24th July 2018







  Spida Bonded Fastener

Spida Stud - Bonded Fasteners



Monday 3rd July 2018







  Optimas Lorry Delivery

The Parts You Need, Anywhere In The World




Thursday 5th April 2018







  Wiska Combi Box

Expanded Range of Electro Mechanical Products From Wiska




Wednesday 24th January 2018







  Wiska S Box Lever Terminal

Optimas and Wiska Deliver Market Leading Ingress Protection For Lever Terminal Blocks


Wednesday 7th March 2018