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National Apprenticeship Week 2021



Melissa Whitehead

As part of National Apprenticeship Week, Optimas HR Director, Dave Griffiths sat down for a Teams chat with Optimas manufacturing plant Barton Cold Form apprentice, Melissa Whitehead. Having just entered her 3rd year at Barton and currently working in the quality department, Melissa shared her thoughts on the value of hands-on learning, the opportunities its afforded her and, how the experience has shaped her future ambitions.






Ewan Ukat-Quee

For just over 2 months, Ewan Ukut-quee has been a customer service representative (CSR) apprentice at Optimas' UK headquarters in Gloucester. As part of National Apprenticeship Week, Ewan took the time to chat with HR Director, Dave Griffiths, to explain what he feels are the benefits of an apprenticeship and the balance of work / college.








Jamie Denby

Continuing our conversations with Optimas' team of skilled apprentices as part of National Apprentice Week, Dave Griffiths, HR Director, caught up with Jamie Denby. Now entering the 4th and final year of his apprenticeship at Barton Cold Form, Jamie discussed how he's handled being an apprentice during the pandemic, his personal growth and how he now feels like an integral part of the company.









Luke Roberts

In our final apprentice interview in celebration of National Apprenticeship Week, Dave Griffiths spoke with Luke Roberts. An apprentice with Optimas for nearly 18 months, and currently undertaking Thread Roll at Barton Cold Form, Luke explains to Dave how he believes that everyone should take advantage of an apprenticeship and, discusses the overall positive effect it’s had on his life.





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