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Optimas Components' range of over 14,000 standard parts encompass industrial plastic and metal fasteners, enclosures, cables, cable management and other "C” Class components.

Our customers rely on these quality parts, plus our industry-specific expertise, to keep operations running smoothly. From providing technical advice on fastener selection and usage to maintaining supply and demand in perfect harmony, every recommendation we make and each solution implemented revolves around our focus on understanding our customers' needs.

Over the past 49 years we have built up a huge amount of knowledge and application expertise across the market sectors we serve, which include:
•  Industrial Equipment •  IT, Electrical & Electronics
•  Lighting •  Domestic Appliances & Equipment
•  Medical & Healthcare •  Automotive & Transport
•  Food Preparation •  HVAC

Our supply chain services are geared to deal with the high expectations of these industries. We understand the needs of our customers and offer:

•  Call off supply or full Onsite Inventory Management •  Fast turnaround of quotations
•  High level of material performance knowledge •  Fast turnaround of new design projects
•  Bespoke parts sourcing, to find the exact part you need •  Rapid prototypes and tooling
•  Rapid response to unpredictable changes in demand •  Short lead times