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Optimas Solutions Manufacturing

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Large Stud Flange Nut

With ISO and TS certified manufacturing facilities, Optimas
provides the flexibility to design, test and produce standard
and custom fastener solutions in Wood Dale, Illinois, USA
and Droitwich, Worcestershire, UK. Using state-of-the-art
machinery and cold forging processes, Optimas delivers
expertise and capacity to meet your specific fastening needs.

Our integrated engineering, rapid prototyping and quality
testing produce superior parts for quick turnarounds and
full-scale production. This ensures a responsive supply chain
that delivers needed fasteners and elevates quality during
planned production and periods of unexpected demand.



  • Supply chain security
  • Superior quality fasteners
  • Highly reproducible process
  • Faster production throughput
  • Less expensive than hot forging
  • Minimal machining
  • Little to no finishing work
  • Nearly zero material waste
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Manufacturing Capabilities

Min / Max Dimensions Available

 Bolt Thread Dimensions

6-Lobe Hex Socket Phillips PSD Drive Hex Hex Flange 12pt Hex Flange External 6-Lobe



Special Skills

Double Ended Stud Captive Washer Taptite 2000

Double Ended Studs, Captive Washers

Tapping (Taptite 2000)

Plus: Drilling, Tapping and Turning

Double Ended End Stud Captivated Washer Taptite 2000 Mathread Shoulder Bolt Spline Bolt

Captive Washers, Tapping (Taptite 2000)

Mathread, Double End Studs, Shoulder and Spline Bolts

Plus: Drilling, Tapping and Turning



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Our state-of-the-art plants manufacture over one billion parts annually. 

  • Manufacturing parts since 1932
  • 5,110 square meters / 55,000 square feet
  • 75 dedicates machines - cold headers, thread rolling and secondary operation machines
  • ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and IATF 16949 certified
  • Product range from 2mm pins to 18mm diameter and 160mm length male threaded fasteners

Engineering and Quality

With application and manufacturing engineers and ISO certified quality labs, Optimas offers end-to-end solutions that maintain the highest standards for every part manufactured—from design through delivery.

Standardisation, re-engineering and rationalisation Advanced inspection, measuring and test capabilities
Application design and industry expertise 100% audit approval
Software-enabled visibility and cost-tracking Best-in-class parts-per-million
Identification of existing application issues and corrective actions Industry-leading validation equipment
Performance, quality and cost-saving continous improvement Centralised PPAP function to drive processing efficiencies
CAD expert design and stress analysis Partner performance management strategies
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Licensed Brands

Optimas has formed global partnerships with research centers and brands known for innovative thread-forming, drive characteristics and weight/height savings to aid production, including:

  • Taptite 2000®
  • Remform®
  • Taptite Pro®
  • Thread Forming Screws for Plastic
  • Internal / External 6-Lobular
  • Phillips Square-Driv®
  • Crosshead
  • MORTORQ® Super
  • High Torque®
  • External MORTORQ®
  • Mathread®
  • Powerlok®
  • Matpoint®
  • Kleerlok®
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