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Knowledge Base

It's unusual for a distributor to invest in staff with the depth and breadth of technical knowledge and understanding that we have at Optimas.

Our customers regard us as being a "Technical Distributor".  We have a team of engineers who possess a high level of industry, product, material and application knowledge. They regularly receive ongoing training on new products and applications.  Our onsite engineering team is dedicated to answering your specific queries.



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Knob Feet

Access Hardware


Red Yellow Green Blue Black Cable Ties

Cable Bundling/Securing


Cable Gland Steel Conduit Braided Sleeving

Cable Protection


Metal Threaded Fastener Plastic Threaded Screw Metal Rivet Plastic Rivet


Colour Plastic Caps Hole Plug

Masking Caps


Push In Plastic Plug Threaded Plastic Plug

Panel Hole Blanking


Plastic Enclosure Box Nylon PCB Spacer Wire Cable



Plastic Enclosure IP Grommets Plastic Conduit

Water Tight