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Enclosures and Membrane Keypads
For more than 40 years, Bopla has been manufacturing and developing enclosures and membrane keypads for applications in electronic and industrial markets, including measurement and control, safety, automotive and medical technology.

Since 1977 Bopla has been part of the Swiss group of companies of Phoenix Mecano AG, which operates internationally.

Using the most up-to-date production machinery and efficient teamwork, they process their enclosures in accordance with customers’ requirements.

The production and assembly of membrane keypads is another part of their company. Designing keypads to be both functional and attractive is what BOPLA does every day as well as supporting customers with specific solutions.
BOPLA's Range
» Handheld enclosures
» Desktop and console enclosures
» Wall mounted enclosures
» 19" racking enclosures
» Membrane keypads
» Enclosure machining and sub-assembly

Bopla is a new supply partner of Optimas and we have included a selection of their BOCUBE hinged and screwless enclosure boxes into our standard product offering. These can be found in our Catalogue 46 and on our online store as below.

ABS BOCUBE Enclosures - Catalogue 46, Chapter 2
Polycarbonate BOCUBE Enclosures - Catalogue 46, Chapter 2

Through our partnership with Bopla, we are able to supply their full product portfolio.
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