Cable Protection for Extreme Environments
Extreme environments demand products that deliver extreme performance. Anaconda Sealtite conduits from Anamet deliver just that - the highest level of cable protection.

With 70 years' experience and a philosophy based around providing innovative products and excellent service, Anamet is the name for cable protection products for demanding applications.

The Anaconda Sealtite range includes FOOD GRADE, OIL RESISTANT and EXTREME TEMPERATURE flexible conduit systems.

Designed with a smooth jacket surface for ease of cleaning and to avoid bacteria growth, FOOD GRADE CONDUIT is FDA CFR 21, NSF 51 and ANSI 169 certified. 

OIL RESISTANT (OR) GRADE conduit is specially constructed to provide high resistance to oil and grease, while maintaining flexibility.

In applications where exposure to ultra high or low temperatures can cause conduit to become brittle or rupture, HCX CONDUIT comes into its own. Armed with a sunlight and UV resistant jacket that can withstand temperatiures from -55 to 145C, HCX CONDUIT maintains its integrity to provide excellent mechanical protection of cables.
Anamet Range

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